Empowering Young People to Make Choices for Life

"Human beings are utterly amazing, we have a staggering capacity for love and achievement, sometimes, we just need someone to tell us we can." Valerie Ender


Who we are

Gateshead Youth Council (GYC) is an organisation which has been in existence since 1979. We are youth centred, youth focused and youth led.

We target young people aged 11-25 and carry a broad remit which is reflected in the diverse range of youth issues and activities that we are involved in on a local, regional, national and international basis.

We are a registered Charity with a voluntary Board of Trustees and Chairperson. Our Board is made up of range of professionals and people who have been part of GYC projects in the past. 



What we do

At GYC we develop projects and services in partnership with young people, such as Gateshead Youth Assembly, and we involve ourselves in issues concerning Young People.

Our aim is to be a channel for organisations representing young people to express views and opinions collectively to Local Authorities or Government on issues concerning them.  We also encourage those working with young people to develop skills, share resources and broaden experience to assist their community and organisation. GYC is an organisation, which responds directly to the issues of organisations and young people in order to fulfil their needs.


How we do this

By giving Young People the opportunities and support needed to design, deliver and evaluate their own projects and ideas, whether large or small. Every project at GYC is delivered as a partnership between adults and Young People, with Young People having an equal role. We provide training and expertise, allowing Young People to learn, develop and then disseminate this to other Young People, most of our training is written and delivered by Young People who have already been through the GYC process. 

We support Gateshead Youth Assembly to research, design and deliver their own Social Action projects and also work with Asylum Seekers and Refugees settling in Gateshead by supporting parents to develop their language skills and engaging with the young people to develop their own projects.


Why bother?

Well, we think Young People are given a rough ride and frankly don't deserve it. Young People are amazing individuals who, with support, encouragement and opportunity can achieve great things. The skills Young People develop while working on their projects are the soft skills that employers seek, the everyday things we often take for granted but aren't part of a school curriculum. 

We did a little bit of brainstorming recently, and by little, we mean little, this was five minutes worth. Imagine if we had more time?

What are the benefits to being involved in a GYC project?

●Developing a ‘can do’ attitude.

●Learning to problem solve.

●Developing resilience.

●Learning and developing life skills.

●Developing political awareness.

●Start to understand civic society.

●Develop civic responsibility.

●Learning about citizenship.

●Developing awareness off community ownership/leadership/responsibility.

●Increased self esteem.

●Increased self confidence.

●Developing critical thinking skills.

●Learning to recognise and challenge inequality and stereotypes.

●Experience of people from different social groupings.

●Learning to work with people from different groups to achieve common goals.

●Develop an awareness of others, their feelings, needs, qualities and limitations.

●Recognising and appreciating all of these differences.

●Developing empathy with others.

●Developing mindfulness about self and others.

●Practice effective decision making.

●Learning to negotiate.

●Developing communication skills.

●Developing research skills.

●Developing skills in presenting self and ideas.

●Working with people in positions of power.

●Understanding power structures, how they can be a struggle to comprehend.

●Developing awareness of how power structures can affect self and others. 


A Short Account of a Long History of Gateshead Youth Council

Early Days 

The Youth Council charts its history and its ‘birthday’ from the appointment of its first full-time co-ordinator.  However, things are never clear-cut and this is certainly true of the early history of the organisation.

Involve Me Training

Involve Me Trainers

Involve Me Trainers are a group of young people who take part in a programme of training to enable them to deliver training sessions to adults in the Local Authority and wider partners.

This group develop their own training sessions which are delivered during school holidays of evenings as arranged. The group is led by young people who were part of Involve Me when it was originally commissioned a number of years ago, but with the support of GYC staff.



Gateshead Borough Youth Organisations Council is a charitable organisation and is governed by its Constitution.  Charity number 512712.